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Experience history, real and intriguing

LiveTour5D offers visitors of historical locations and archaeological sites an unforgettable experience by bringing parts of history back to life. For just a few minutes, Virtual Reality headsets take you back in time. LiveTour5D adds a strong sense of involvement to the story that's being told and provides a more profound understanding. As Confucius said: "Involve me and I will understand."

Tell me and I will forget
Show me and I may remember
Involve me and I will understand

Confucius, 551-479 BC

Historical locations and archaeological sites

Our clients are European museums, historical locations and archaeological sites. We work on projects and tasks that capture the imagination. During this phase we cannot publicize all our news yet, but the Battle of Waterloo is one of the projects that went live in June 2016. Contact us and we will be able to tell you more.


Your museum or historical location forms the basis for the experience offered by LiveTour5D. We work with our proprietary “Experience-T” principle. Interaction between the already available information and an entirely new experience, ensures a wonderful intensification of the visitor experience. People leave feeling like they truly experienced the time period or event in question. All of a sudden your story will have multiple dimensions. We would like to tell you more about Experience-T.


The 1815 Experience - Waterloo

At the request of the Museum and visit centre Memorial 1815 in Waterloo, LiveTour5D created the impressive battle in Virtual Reality. In a 6 square kilometre area, 180.000 soldiers aided by 40.000 horses and 1.500 canons fought an intense battle. The British-German coalition led by the Duke of Wellington managed to beat Napoleon de Bonaparte.

Since the launch on 17th June 2016 thousands of visitors have already enjoyed the 3-minute view using specially adapted headsets like virtual binoculars. The “1815 Experience” has drawn widespread interest from the press and the vast majority of users have rated the service as “very good” to “excellent”. At this moment the “1815 Experience” is on its winter break and will recommence for the summer season in April 2017.

For more information, please contact us.

Virtual Reality News

3D Virtual Reality is developing at lightning speed. New headsets, new content and surprising applications fill the news. 2016 will mark the start of huge change in the way we interact with content. We will now be fully immersed in interactive story-telling delivering a whole new level of experiences.

This selection of news gives an overview of what's coming.

No. 1: Virtual Reality will take off in 2016 (2m27s) 18-12-2015


6 Companies Aiming to Cut the Cord on High-end VR Headsets

Today’s most immersive virtual reality systems, like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, rely on a ...
28 April 2017

Conan O’Brien Plays ‘Wilson’s Heart’ in Latest ‘Clueless Gamer’ Segment

Wilson’s Heart, the latest exclusive on the Oculus Rift and Touch, has launched to much fanfa...
28 April 2017

Upload LA Opening Represents a Focus Shift From VR Tech to VR Content

UploadVR opened up their new 20,000 square foot Upload LA co-working space in April. I had a c...
28 April 2017

TPCAST Announces Business Edition Wireless VR Kit, Up to 6 Simultaneous Users

TPCAST, makers of a 60GHz wireless VR add-on for the HTC Vive, have announced a Business Edition ve...
28 April 2017

Vive to Get Eye-tracking Add-on with Optional Corrective Lenses

7invensun, one of the latest companies accepted into HTC’s Vive X accelerator program, is lau...
27 April 2017

Adobe Shows Method to Create Volumetric VR Video From Flat 360 Captures

With a new technique, Adobe wants to turn normal monoscopic 360-degree video into a more immersive ...
27 April 2017

Preview: John Legend Lends Voice to Baobab’s Latest VR Flick, ‘Rainbow Crow’

John Legend is coming to VR. News of the multi-talented artist’s involvement in Baobab Studio...
27 April 2017

Nokia Significantly Boosts OZO Capture Quality With Firmware and Software Updates

Nokia’s improvements to the software for their professional OZO VR camera platform are signif...
27 April 2017

VRgluv Force-feedback Glove Blasts Past $100K Kickstarter Goal in 56 Hours

VRgluv has blown passed its $100,000 funding goal in 56 hours on their Kickstarter page, with 27 da...
27 April 2017

Nokia Partners with Lucasfilm to Produce ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ VR Content

At the NAB Show currently in progress in Las Vegas, Nokia announced a partnership with Lucasfilm to...
27 April 2017

VR Storytelling Highlights from Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival featured over 30 different VR experiences within their Storyscapes and Im...
27 April 2017

Latest Unity Beta Gets NVIDIA VRWorks for Enhanced Rendering Features

NVIDIA has launched VRWorks plugin for the latest Unity beta (2017.1.0b2). VRWorks contains a numbe...
27 April 2017

‘Gears of War’ Creator Cliff Bleszinski Wants to Make a Big Budget VR Game

If you don’t already know Cliff Bleszinski from his involvement with the Unreal Tournament an...
26 April 2017

‘Panzerwehr: 1949’ Reimagines Mechs in VR as WWII-era Combat Machines

In development by indie studio KUKURU3, Panzerwehr: 1949 is a mech combat simulator made ...
26 April 2017

‘Batman: Arkham VR’ Launches on Vive and Rift

Batman: Arkham VR (2016) is one of PlayStation VR’s top games, and an exclusive too, until no...
25 April 2017

No. 2: Paintings by Salvador Dalí in VR (1m16s) 20-01-2016

No. 3: Use your hands in Virtual Reality (3m29s) 28-10-2014

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Creating Ballet in Virtual Reality (1m39s) 25-08-2016

Kids Experience Their Dream Home in Virtual Reality (2m13s) 18-08-2016

Elders Reacting to the HTC Vive (7m55s) 28-07-2016

Google Tilt Brush: 3D Painting (0m55s) 08-07-2016

Treating Mental Health Problems (6m05s) 04-07-2016

Virtual reality comes to theme parks (4m37s) 01-07-2016

Firefighting trainer demonstration (1m04) 27-06-2016

Google gets serious about VR (1m24s) 14-01-2016

Holiday previews in VR (1m20s) 06-01-2016

Overview of VR opportunities in 2016 (2m21s) 04-01-2016

Flying like a bird in the Birdly Virtual Reality Simulator (5m30s) 17-12-2015

VR Exercise bike: VirZoom plays virtual reality games while you exercise (2m40s) 16-12-2015

Nokia VR camera OZO: Why should we get excited about Virtual Reality? (1m45s) 03-12-2015

The Future of Virtual Reality: Non-Gaming Apps (5m54s) 27-10-2015

Selling Real Estate with Virtual Reality (3m41s) 24-09-2015

Sir Ridley Scott: What Virtual Reality will mean for Hollywood (1m08s) 24-09-2015

Virtual Reality Cycling (2m17s) 22-09-2015

Experiencing a New York taxi ride in London (0m45s) 22-09-2015

BBC News: What does virtual reality need to survive? (1m21s) 14-09-2015

Face off against Maria Sharapova at U.S. Open (1m15s) 01-09-2015

PETA lets you see the world through eyes of an Orca (2m45s) 01-07-2015

Medical application: VR for Pain Management (1m54s) 30-06-2015

NASA's Virtual Reality Laboratory (3m11s) 16-06-2015

Racing a real car on a virtual track: Castrol ad (2m12s) 26-05-2015

Medical application: Treating post-war stress (5m48s) 25-05-2015

Virtual Reality honors WWII war Veterans (2m01s) 22-05-2015

Virtual Reality in Architecture Design & Review (5m31s) 20-05-2015

Eye-tracking headset – FOVE crowdfunding call (4m22s) 19-05-2015

American Football Players train with Virtual Reality (6m14s) 17-05-2015

Kids' toy: the old View-Master now in VR (1m02s) 02-04-2015

BBC news: big companies launch VR headsets (2m15s) 02-03-2015

About Us

Experiencing gives depth to history

Jean-Pierre van Lin is the director and initiator of LiveTour5D. "The virtual experience that we offer, gives real depth to historical facts that you already knew about or just learned about. Everything falls into place."

Customer experience is the central theme

The career of Jean-Pierre van Lin is all about creating an experience. He was responsible for the marketing of Guinness beer for a long time and proceeded to do the same for the SABMiller brewery. In both functions he dealt with the 'customer experience' on a daily basis. "Drinking a glass of beer becomes an experience the moment you can add more depth, by providing a perfectly styled bar and the right atmosphere, just as we did at Guinness." After his work in the brewing world, he developed the customer experience for Circle, a chain of private hospitals in England. "In this case I went for the feeling of comfort and luxury, experienced during a stay in a nice hotel or on a business class plane trip." Jean-Pierre then went on to become responsible for the shopper experience and in-store advertising for the English supermarket chain Tesco.

Battle of Culloden

Seven years ago, more or less by accident, Jean-Pierre visited the location where in 1746 the Battle of Culloden took place. Only a plaque remained to remember people of the Battle. "I closed my eyes and tried to image the chaos, the noise and the image of this Battle." The visit turned out to be a 'defining moment'. "There I decided to study the latest Virtual Reality technologies and as of that moment I started working on a dream that turned into reality. The ultimate customer experience. Time travel."

Experts in their field

We work with experts based on the requirements of a project. Our network of partners consists of PST Business Services for IT hardware and programming (based in the Netherlands), The Bank creative agency for content scripting (United Kingdom) and The Virtual Dutchmen - also based in the Netherlands - for VR content production.

The Bank - creative design
16-18 Berners St, London, United Kingdom

Tristan Connel,
Managing Director: "In three years' time we will look back and hardly recognise the way people discover significant events throughout history, at home or on their travels. We work with LiveTour5D to offer consumers a unique chance to step back in time, or indeed, into the future".

PST Business Services - technology
Kersenboogerd 13, Tiel, The Netherlands

Olaf van Dam,
Managing Director: “Finally the necessary hardware and technology have caught up with the promise and the anticipation that has existed for many years. Now they are affordable and accessible.”

The Virtual Dutchmen - 3D production
Bongerd 4a, Wierden, The Netherlands

Roelof Terpstra,
Managing Director: “After working in the virtual world for more than 20 years – now the time has come to get a peek into the future, to experience the past and feel the present like never before.”